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About Us

Welcome to Print & Signs!

We’re a company based in Orillia, Ontario that specializes in – you guessed it – print & sign production. We offer a wide assortment of products from business cards to billboards, and services from binding to designing. Our convenient in-house production means that we’re both your first and last stop. Our goal is to make your print experience an enjoyable one, no matter your level of expertise. From file to finish we’re there with you.

A message from the founder

For over a decade, we have enjoyed forming business relationships with numerous clients, companies, and organizations. Our success is built on a foundation of satisfied, returning customers, and we can’t thank them enough. At Print & Signs, we continue to uphold our core values and goal to bring additional products and services to our community. We look forward to what we can achieve together as we expand our business reach throughout the foreseeable future.
- Shirin, Founder

The Mission

Our in-house printing and design services provide convenience, quality and care to people across Simcoe County, Ontario, and beyond. We strive to serve and support our customers as they connect with their audiences through our signage, promotional print products and office supplies. Our objective is to simplify the print process for your ease, comfort and enjoyment, by ensuring that our 5 core values are constantly being met.

Company Values

Accommodating Service – By providing friendly, genuine customer service, we make sure that you have the best experience possible. We’re here to help, answer questions, and share our expertise so your print job shines

In-House Production – Printing on-site allows us to provide production updates, in-store samples, a quicker turnaround, and quality control

Quality Assurance – Every order is produced at the highest quality possible. We offer a wide selection of paper stocks and materials, always run test prints and pre-print file checks. Our leading-edge commercial printers are regularly serviced for accurate alignment and colour calibration

Cost Effective Solutions – Our size, quantity, stock and specials suggestions cater to a variety of goals, budgets, and output needs. We’ll always let you know if there’s a more affordable way to print something

Lifelong Learning – Our commitment to continuously learning, improving, offering more stocks & substrates, exploring new techniques, technologies, and software

The History

Our company (formerly known as Georgian Bay Printers) was founded in 2008 by Shirin, Husein, and a small but dedicated team in Orillia, Ontario. The business started as a modest print shop with second-hand equipment and a small assortment of services.

‍Over the last decade, through client, public, and municipal support we have been able to expand our scope of machinery, business operations, available merchandise, and network reach. Our commitment to upholding excellent customer service has soified our reputation for reliability, consistency, and quality.

In 2021, Georgian Bay Printers is rebranding to the name Print & Signs to unite our service disciplines, reflect our increasing range of signage products, and establish our goal of future expansion.

The Community

Our achievements are possible through the support of our customers. We are grateful and proud to be members of the Simcoe community, and for the continual kindness shown by our clients, business associates, and regional administrations. We endeavour to put that appreciation back into the community by offering yearly sponsorships to local businesses, culture & sporting events, volunteer groups, conservation efforts, youth initiatives, and city investments.

The Rebrand

In 2021, our company formerly known as Georgian Bay Printers, is rebranding to Print & Signs.

Over the past few years, while both our client base and in-house production have increased, we found that many of our existing customers weren’t aware that we offered sign printing (as well as our traditional printed paper products). Not to mention our additional speciality finishing and graphic design services.

To unify our service disciplines, we decided to rebrand and update our image to reflect the equal standing of our print & sign products. The rectangles in our logo represent the three sectors of print, signs, and designs. While the overlying ampersand acts as such, it also illustrates the rollers inside a printer, finishing with the delivery output tray.

We also plan to open a second branch in the future to house our ever-expanding range of commercial equipment, and to continue providing exceptional in-house Print & Signs options to our community.

Meet the dedicated team of Print & Signs

We take pride in our hiring practices. We strongly believe that the company culture and environment are fundamental to a successful company and product.


Manager, Print Specialist


Customer Service Representative, Signage Associate


Owner, Distribution Coordinator

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